Club Profile

Asian Football and SoccerSoccer is one of the best sports in the world.  I started playing soccer when I was only 9 years old in Hong Kong, and since then soccer has became part of my life.  I tried to become a professional player; trained by a coach who is from a professional team.

I found that you can make a lot of friends by just playing soccer.  In addition, it is a good mental game that can help you build your confidence and improve your health.  Playing soccer helps you understand the importance of sportsmanship and friendship.

I love soccer and I have had the opportunity to travel to Europe and China several times to participate in soccer tournaments.

I’ve found that playing soccer is a lot of fun, and to extend this enjoyment to others, I started my own team couple years ago.  I met some friends, and the team has grown to about 20 players.

We have since officially formed a new team named the Asian United Football Club.  These players are more talented than any other team I have been part of.  The members are young and athletic.

The Asian United Football Club began to organize in August of 2005, and since then the foundation is stronger than before.  It is a very young team and is very organized.  We have the mission and goal to help everybody who joins us to become more involved in the sport of soccer and to maintain a good friendship amongst the members.

You are welcome to join us, and to become a part of the Asian United Football Club. Thanks!

Hin W. Tsang

Executive director of A.U.F.C.